Frequently Asked Questions


Legality and Safety


~ Is Sikwin legal in India? 

Yes, Sikwin is legal in India. Due to a lack of formal laws prohibiting betting sites, anybody can legally and safely use Sikwin in India.

Since Indian law only prohibits physical gambling houses, using betting sites like Sikwin is legal in India.


~ Is Sikwin licensed? 

Sikwin has a Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation license (PAGCOR).


~ Do I have to pay tax on my betting winnings?

Sikwin does not charge any fees from players. However, your local tax authorities may have rules requiring you to pay tax on profits from betting in particular or capital gains in general, requiring you to pay tax on your earnings. 


~ Is Sikwin safe?

Sikwin is perfectly safe, you avoid the very few dodgy operators around. 




~ Why do I need to verify my account?

Account verification is needed to protect you and us from fraud, money laundering, and identity theft. You are unlikely to encounter any issues with reliable websites like Sikwin.


~ How do I withdraw from Sikwin?

To withdraw money, you can tap on the press button for drawing out, and you are good to go.


~ Why did withdrawal fail without any reason?

Withdrawal transactions have a process; if the transaction fails, the bank has problems and needs to change and provide another bank where finance can re-transfer the said withdrawal amount.


~ How can I cancel my withdrawal?

Each player has a customer care representative or an agent that can help them. The finance department will receive a direct request to cancel the withdrawal from agents or customer care.


~ How many withdrawals are permitted each day?

Players can withdraw 24 times a day free of charge.


~ What is the maximum withdrawal time?

Every transaction needs to adhere to our standard operating procedures. Rather than imposing a limited withdrawal period, finance processes all withdrawals as quickly as feasible.


~ How long does it take to withdraw?

The amount of time it takes to withdraw money depends on the payment method you select because payment providers manage transactions.

If you're using an E-wallet, the approval process should take no more than 15 minutes. Withdrawals made using a credit or debit card might take up to 7 business days.




~ How do I deposit money?

Depositing money in Sikwin is very easy. We accept all popular payment methods Like UPI, Paytm, Net banking, Google pay, Phone pay, and many more. To deposit money, the player has to click on wallet/deposit, and you can choose the method per your need.


~ Why do banks indicate stopped payments?

Bank may be blocked or limited for reasons, including internal bank policies, external regulations, or legal decisions. It is essential to avoid financial loss.


~ Why am I unable to deposit Sikwin payment accounts?

Sikwin posts updated bank to all player accounts, where they can deposit that account. However, bank/UPI/e-wallets have limits; always examine the deposit options and do not save the bank because all the time, it will refresh and update from time to time.


~ Why don't you have a deposit option on the website itself? 

The Sikwin website offers a deposit option. Select the deposit method to view all of the available banks.


~ Why should we take the scanner and go to UPI apps and pay?

Sikwin has a deposit option on the website where players can deposit. However, you need to scan or use the apps to ensure the security of each player's account.


~ Did Sikwin have any instant deposit method? 

You should have used your app account to make all payments to maintain security.


~ I made a deposit, but the payment is still not in my account. What has been going on?

When you deposit money via an E-wallet, it immediately appears in your account. This deposit method has a maximum processing time of 15 minutes.

However, money deposited via other payment methods may take a little longer. Deposits made using credit or debit cards might take up to 24 hours to complete. On the other hand, mobile deposits are substantially speedier and can take up to an hour to complete.

The payment methods determine how long it takes to process a deposit, and we do not influence this. Within 24 hours after placing a deposit, if the payment balance is not showing, please get our customer care team and provide proof of payment.


~ Can I make a deposit using the card or e-wallet of another person?

We highly warn against using someone else payment account to deposit into your account. To deposit funds into a Sikwin account, the account holder must have a payment account in their name.

The amount deposited can be refunded to the account without notice.


Verification and Data Recovery


~ What should I do if I forget the password to the Sikwin account?

Enter the Sikwin website; you can easily reset your password here. Please provide customer service with your username and some information. You can typically get in touch by email, phone, and live chat. Our system will send your email a temporary password to sign in. After signing in successfully, you may change your password and use the newest password to sign in next time.


~ Is it compulsory to register with the legal name at Sikwin?

Players must open an account with names on their bank accounts to maintain account security. Therefore, players can submit their withdrawal and deposit with their legal name.


~ My phone number on your website will not connect. Do I have something missing?

Double-check the number you entered and get in touch with our customer support team if this still does not work.


~ I have changed my phone number. How do I change the phone number in my account?

You'll be able to log in to your account and update your phone number if you still have it.

Otherwise, contact our customer support staff and include papers proving your identification. They'll assist you with changing your account's phone number and activating your new phone number.


~ How do I modify my account's country, address, or other information?

To modify your account, please email our customer service staff with papers proving your identification attached. One of our customer service representatives will contact you and advise you on the next step.


~ Can I verify my identity with my driver's license?

No, you can only verify your identity using a certified ID document, such as a passport or an ID card.


~ I want to close my account. What should I do?

We recognize that you may want to close your account for different reasons. Contact our support team with your account number if you desire to do so.

If your account has been inactive for three months, it will be immediately blocked. 


~ Can I reactivate an account that has been closed or blocked?

It is impossible to revive an account that has been suspended or closed. Automatically banned or blocked accounts can unblock.

Your account, however, cannot be reopened if you ask that it be closed, such as by self-exclusion. For further assistance, you can contact Customer Service.


Customer Service


~ Why is customer service not responding?

Customer service response time is less than 1 minute, but due to high queries, the response gets slow.


~ Call center support number?

Sikwin does not offer direct calling, but one can contact them on customer care, What's App, and official email: [email protected]


~ Do you have any official prediction groups or game tips available?

Agents may provide each player with predictions, suggestions, and advice on the games since they have varying levels of expertise and proficiency in those areas.


~ How do I get my Sikwin OTP code?

Double-confirm that the information you have entered is accurate. If you are not getting an OTP, you can contact customer service. Our customer service is available 24/7.




~ Why are bets getting rejected when a good multiplier comes up? Is this a server issue, or do you do this to stop us from winning big?

The service providers forbid this.

Due to the changing odds, participants can only bet once; further bets are not allowed.


If the player wants to win big, they do not have to be afraid to place a big bet in 1 go. If they want to win big, then risk it all in 1.


~ If double staking is not allowed, why do you accept it? Please don't allow us to bet if we are double staking in the first place.

Double stacking is prohibited; it will be initially approved and then revoked. It will soon happen that it will get canceled on the spot.


~ What is the difference between a Sportsbook and an exchange?

Exchange offers a platform for bettors to trade the outcome of certain events, whether sports, politics, or current affairs. It differs from traditional Sportsbook by allowing bettors to bet against each other rather than a bookmaker. 

In a Sportsbook, the odds supplier chooses the odds based on the current state of any sport and preferences. However, in exchange, the market will fluctuate based on how many bettors support a particular team, and the only time that the public cannot influence the odds is when the result of the game does not go in their favor.


Bonuses and Promotions


~ Why do we need to bind the bank account to claim a free sign-up bonus? 

All players need to bind the bank to the website. It is part of the terms & conditions as we need to clear that players do not have the same account as any other players in Sikwin. 


~ What is a sign-up bonus?

A sign-up bonus is extra funds added to your account when you join Sikwin and make your first deposit.


~  Why has not my first deposit bonus been shown in my account?

You may not have gotten your initial deposit bonus for some reason.

First and foremost, please double-check that you've completed all of the relevant fields in your account. You will not receive the bonus if this is not the case.

Second, please ensure you have deposited the requisite minimum amount to qualify for the bonus.

For further assistance, contact Customer Care or write us at [email protected].


~ What is the VIP level? What is its importance? 

VIP Level is a loyalty program offered by Sikwin in which players can get multiple bonuses, including level-up and daily and weekly bonuses.


~ How much can we earn from Sikwin? 

It all depends on the player's skills and knowledge of the game.


~ Which game do you consider to be the easiest and the best one to earn? 

As long as you fully understand how each game functions. Earning in each game depends on your abilities. To start, you should comprehend what gambling is.


~ Why was the bonus money deducted from my account?

The chances are that you broke the bonus usage rules, which is why the bonus money deduct from your balance.


~ I like to revoke my bonus. Can I manage it?

Indeed, you can. If you have not yet begun to meet the bonus betting requirements, you may cancel your bonus.




~ How to become an agent in Sikwin?

Look for an affiliate program manager who will guide you through the steps and the terms. Create an account, then invite as many players as you can.


~ Why don't you have a system for agent salaries?

The salary system has existed in the past, but the commission system is more likely to be effective because each agent ought to commission. More invitations and revenue mean a higher commission. Appreciate the work they put forward.